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I was 39 years old and a high school drop out. I have worked in the restaurant field because you don't need a high school diploma to work in day food. I joined DCFI's GED program in September 2012, classes where twice a week. I pass my GED test in March 2013 then I took a few college classes in business administration. Two years later I am a Site Administrator for a company that has locations in 62 countries. I owe my growth and confidence to DCFI. 

- Jennifer Sanderfer 

My name is Jarrett L Bedford and I'm currently a service member in the Navy. During the summer of 2014 I worked with Mrs. Ford and her non-profit organization DCFI. I enjoyed working with DFCI, it allowed me help less fortunate youth and to be a positive role model. I worked with the children and young adults keeping them engaged in the programs. Just to be in the heart of the community and showing the kids that it's cool to be positive and to do the right thing was a blessing. Through my process Mrs. Pat was a mentor not just to me but to the community. I enjoyed working with Mrs. Ford and will faithfully work and support DCFI.

- Jarrett L Bedford, Junior Officer, US Navy

My experience with DCFI has been an unforgettable experience. First off I would like to announce how deeply grateful I am to have had the chance to work with such influential people. These people including the children, parents and staff who helped bring DCFI to its feet. The connection between the staff and children alone is nothing but genuine. I’ve learned plenty from the adults here, of course, however it was the children that have impacted me and left the greatest impression ever. This experience was awesome."  

- Destiny (Summer 2015)

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