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Pat Ford, Founder/ Executive Director


Gwen Jones, Chief Operating Officer


Ashley Patterson - Executive Secretary


Liz Duncan – Program Director


Jennifer Smith - Coordinator of Literacy

Jenin Ferrond- Program Coordinator/ Bilingual


Valli Jones - Director of Housing


      It takes a village

It takes a  to raise a child is an African proverb that means that an entire commu    community must interact to experience growth and maintain a safe                   and productive environment!





DCFI Board of Directors

Bobby Ford - President 

Chris Daniels - Treasurer

Ashley Patterson - Secretary

Pastor Jeanette Cobbins - Board of Directors

Janet M. Brooks - Grant Writer

DCFI Youth Executive Board

Abigail West- Youth President

Kennedy Cumbo- Youth Vice President

Gabrielle Crittendon - Youth Secretary

Gabriel Jones- Youth Treasurer

Aniyah Cleveland- Youth Assistant Treasurer

Jada Tommons- Programmer

Matthew Ford - Young Adult Chaplain

We are seeking Board Members!

Please contact us at (972) 464-7553 

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