501(c)3 organization

                                     Dallas Community Fellowship Inc.

                                             Making a difference in the community        


Pat Ford, Founder/ Executive Director  

[email protected]  


Thurston Dixon, Chief Operating Officer

[email protected]

Ashley Patterson - Executive Secretary

[email protected] 


       ~~~~            ~~~~

Liz Duncan – Program Director

[email protected] 

Jenin Ferrod Program Assistant

[email protected]

Gwen Jones - Program Coordinator

[email protected]      

 Valli Jones - Director of Housing




                    Board of Directors

Pat Ford - President 

Ashley Patterson - Secretary 

Nancy Jones - Treasurer 

Pastor Jeanette Cobbins - Board of Directors

Sheila Arnold - Board of Director

Deborah Shelton - Board of Director

Dr. Timothy Beckett II - Board of Director

Cecil Humphrey - Board of Director

Phillip W. Jones - Board of Director



We are seeking BOARD MEMBERS?  
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972-464-7553 or 214-893-9300