501(c)3 organization

                                     Dallas Community Fellowship Inc.

                                             Making a difference in the community        

About Us

   The world is becoming a more difficult place to live economically, environmentally and demographically. The numbers are staggering and increasing unfortunately in the area crime and illiteracy, DCFI wants to make a dramatic change starting 'at home' with the family. 


  We are losing our children and I ask that you join me in taking a stand, as DCFI wants to re-vitalize this area back to the sense of being neighbors and family. 


  Our organization believes in the power of education to help change the future of our youth. We know the early school years are the critical crossroads where students make choices that will dramatically affect their future. We are passionate in our belief that every child deserves access to quality education and the encouragement to succeed. 

                                                         I appreciate your support.

                                                                        – Pat Ford     

Lets' put your community on the map