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     Support the Children      
                         "It takes a village                 

         Summer Rocks 2                    2016 Graduates!
We are very proud of the all the children that participated in this program.

Special acknowlegement to:
Latasha Witherspoon - choir director
Sidney Jones - keyboard instructor
  Linda Davis - S.T.E.M program                  Dr. Jennifer Smith - IXL course      
                                                                                         Karina Jones - praise dance instructor

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”                             – Frederick Douglass       


Ten on Tuesday encourages businesses, 

communities and individuals to reverse    litter by picking up 10 pieces of 

trash and recyclable materials each Tuesday.

Introducing our children to social responsibility and community pride is one

of the ways DCFI is expanding areas that most of the them have not experienced.

  Dallas Community Fellowship Inc., is a 501(c)3 organization working in the heart of a community in Dallas Texas that is highly distressed. We are committed to the sincere desire of lifting awareness to the residents through mentoring and socially equitable, efficient and effective programs to re-energize this community. 

 Our Mission

 To work diligently to make a positive impact in the community in which we serve.

 The vision is to create a cohesive"village" with the residents, schools and local    businesses providing education, awareness and nurturing.  


 Kessler Heights, originally a wealthy neighborhood, has fallen upon hard times and needs to get back in stride, and we are encouraging the residents and business owners to actively participate with our efforts.

 You Can Help
DCFI is a 501(c)3 organization. We rely on the financial support of individuals and businesses to help us to continue and expand our work in this community.     
You can help today by making a donation. Just click the link to get started.

“Team Work Makes the Dream Work" 

  Our goal is to re-build this community to it's former standing and we need your assistance.